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Osteopathy is a manual therapy and way of looking at the body in order to improve its function. During your consult, your Osteopath will help diagnose your issue, which will help you to understand the cause of your pain. Your Osteopath will then work with your body to help relieve your immediate symptoms, whilst also helping to guide you in how to prevent reoccurring issues and speed up your recovery. 


Osteopaths work to relieve your pain by focusing on how you function as a whole body unit. We aim to look at the real cause of the issue and not just at the immediate symptoms. This is one reason why it is so effective at resolving long-term/chronic aches and reoccurring pains, as well as acute injuries. Treatment includes hands-on techniques to reduce pain, a care plan that may include rehabilitative exercises and dietary advice



Osteopathy may help treat:

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Elbow Pain


  • Heel/Arch Pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Joints & Flexibility

  • Posture

  • Knee Pain

  • Ankle Sprain

  • Hip and Groin

  • Workplace injuries

  • Chronic pain

  • Pregnancy

Reference: Australian Osteopathic Association

B.Sc.Hons. (Osteo), B.Sc. (Pod.),
Member of:
Osteopathy Australia
Australian Podiatry Assoc.
Sports/Exercise Podiatry Australia 
Sports Medicine Australia

Joel is the owner of Northern Osteopathy and Podiatry. With 25 years of experience Joel is a sought after opinion for all musculoskeletal complaints, particularly of the lower limb and how the lower limb can influence other regions of the body.

His unique dual qualification sees him registered and practising as an Osteopath and Sports Podiatrist – a unique combination of expertise in Western Australia. Joel’s broad experiences as an Osteopath and Podiatrist give him perspective on ways to influence functional issues within the human body and a set of expertise to assess and address many common pain syndromes more thoroughly.

Northern Osteopathy

B.Sc.. (Hons.), ND

Sweatal received her training at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine graduating in 2003. Her passion lies in bringing together a wide range of techniques to devise a treatment plan that looks to helping patients achieve their health goal holistically.  Her highly personalised treatments combines structural and cranial techniques together with rehabilitation, exercise and nutrition.

Her interest lies in working with women during pregnancy and their recovery after giving birth.

Outside of the practice, Sweatal enjoys swimming and hiking with her young family. She recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and is looking to go to Everest Base Camp soon.


B.HSc & B.AppSc 

Emily graduated as an osteopath from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with distinction.


After seeing firsthand how much it benefitted others, Emily was drawn to study osteopathy, which gave her the opportunity to help people with the treatment and management of their pain.


She is passionate about providing a holistic treatment approach and helping patients work towards their goals. Emily has a deep interest in the human body and takes into account that no two bodies are the same in her treatment plan.

Outside of the clinic, Emily enjoys keeping active, going to the beach and exploring the great outdoors.

1416B347-C35F-48E5-8490-A618BF714B10_4_5005_c copy_edited.jpg


B.Sc (Clinical), M.H.Sc (Osteo)

Having graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne several years previously Matt moved to Perth in 2021 and has settled perfectly into the outdoor lifestyle that only Perth offers!

Having grown up in country Victoria, Matt naturally has very active life with footy, running and surfing all very important past times for him. His natural desire from a young age to help people combined with personal experience dealing with AFL related injury set-backs naturally led Matt to a career in health care and more specifically Osteopathy.

He always aims to help his patients find their full potential via an integrated clinical approach with hands-on manual Osteopathy skills combined with well guided rehab and lifestyle advice.

Special Interests:

  • Full Osteopathic manual (hands-on) approach

  • Dry Needling

  • Personalised rehab and exercise prescription for longer term improvements

1 (1)_edited.jpg


B.HSc & B.AppSc

Jessica graduated from Victoria University after completing her Masters in Osteopathy. Prior to this, Jess worked as a Remedial Massage Therapist in a number of clinics and sport teams in Melbourne, and incorporated a range of these techniques into her treatments. Jessica has always had a passion for helping others, and from a young age, has experienced first-hand how osteopathy can help with many ailments. As a National-level swimmer through High School and now a busy mum of two young children, Jess has herself spent time undergoing manual therapy and rehabilitation for numerous aches and pains.
Jessica is able to provide a holistic and individualised approach to care, and
incorporates a range of structural hands-on techniques, exercises and ergonomic advice into her treatments. She particularly enjoys treating patients experiencing low back pain, headaches, jaw and neck-related pain, as well as repetitive stress injuries.
Outside of the clinic Jess enjoys spending time with her family, going to the gym, and frequenting the many awesome playgrounds Perth has to offer with her two young kids.

team1 copy_edited.jpg


B.Clin.Sci, MAH (Osteopathy)

J’aime graduated as an Osteopath from Victoria University with a double degree of Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science)(2010) and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)(2012). This qualification compliments her original clinical qualification and experience as a Myotherapist (since 2005).

Since graduating J’aime has worked in Melbourne, Bendigo, Canberra and now in Perth. She has worked with Football & Netball Clubs, most notably Hawthorn Football Club and Carlton Football Club assisting them with injury assessment, management and rehabilitation.

J’aime takes time to listen to what her patient’s concerns are and undertakes careful assessments aimed at finding dysfunction, weakness and restriction that are limiting the body’s ability to recover.

Outside of treating patients, J’aime loves to spend time with family and friends, loves cooking, travels regularly and is learning to use her camera.

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